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Starting and profiting from a new business


People engage in various businesses. Over time, profit earning ventures have evolved from brick and mortar to virtually existing ventures which can bring in more profit due to the very fact that they do not have a physical outlet. However, amazon, world’s largest online dealer recently opened their first physical shop in the USA and this stirred some conversation as to why they did so. It seems that brick and mortar concept is still alive despite what the world has come to believe.

Starting your own business

As a professional you must also have thought of having your own venture at times. If you are in an industry where other business owners seem to subcontract out a lot, it could be easy. For example, accountants and lawyers operate by themselves frequently. In today’s world, the position has gone to software professionals. Given the nature of their work, it is far easier for them to sit at a desk at home and “freelance” in software projects all around the world. Writers and content marketers also have this ease of working; marketing and promoting a product now comes with an advanced online presence hence learning either of these areas will only be beneficial to you if you plan to start owning yourself.

Physical premises

Although it seems easier and efficient to work online, for some aspects you need a physical presence mandatorily. For example, you can work virtually but not to live so, therefore construction and sale of apartments is a legitimate business one can get in to. In today’s world, just drawing and following a design to build a bunch of apartments won’t run. You must have a convenient location, popular design with all required amenities and an able body who can take up facility management. Gone are the time where you build the house, sell it off and be done with it. Nowadays, customer service spans over to managing the construction for you as well.

Importance of planning

Either way, online or offline, you must have a proper business plan to start and run a business at a profit. You must also understand that breakeven won’t come within the first few months. It will depend on the type of business you run, market you cater to, staff you employ and so much more. That is the very reason the planning comes in handy; you can get the help of a financial expert if you are not savvy with the accounts. But do run a profit analysis up to five or ten years ahead and you will have an idea about the investment, revenue and profits and would be able to plan reinvestment in the business.

As an entrepreneur, you will be the sole owner of a business and work towards making it in to the top of the industry. This will bring more psychological content than anything else.

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