Real Estate — February 20, 2019 at 5:40 pm

A place to call your own


There is a certain comfort in coming home to a place that is truly yours, even if it is a rented property. Nothing beats calling a space that is dedicated for you to be yourself without the judgmental eyes critiquing you for leaving the towel on the floor or eating ice-cream right off the tub.

As nice and convenient all this sounds we all know that getting a place of your own is not simple as real estate advertisements and bank adverts portrait it to be. Or is it? Yes in the past all financial institutions were very stringent and particular about who they give out facilities to but today there are many innovative financial products that have come out to the market to facilitate even the dream home of the masses. For those who are still not eligible for housing loans there is always the option to rent out.

Apartment for rent Singapore short term is not only a great way out to your housing problem it is also a logical approach to determine if a house fits in to your current budget and way of life. We all like things a certain way and can’t stand things a certain way, that is why sharing or living with your parents turns out to be inconvenient at some point of the city we all prefer an is convenient, easy to manage and almost always located in the heart of the city. When renting out, security deposit is often the issue. You might really like the places and in such places the property owners tend to jack up their demand in key money. Therefore when you are on the lookout for an apartment it is important to not let them out on to the fact that that you are eager about a specific project.

Following your dreams pursuing a demanding career? Well you can’t let go of your dream job nor dream home can you? Many of the apartments that are being rented out come with their own cleaning and janitorial service. From the renter’s perspective this is a way he/she can ensure that the tenant adheres to the clauses of the rent agreement with regard to the general upkeep of the space.

Looking for a short termed stay? All business people including tenants have become really creative in their ventures and renters are no different. They too offer serviced apartments including utilities, security and maintenance purposes to divert visitors from motels/ hotels etc., and for the travellers it is a great way to cut the cost of the trip as well as have a more privacy during the stay.

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